The Gorges of the northern Loire

The Gorges of the northern Loire

In the north of the department, the Loire wends its way very discreetly, visible only from the lip of a gorge or sometimes more openly from a bend in the road.


42590 Saint-Priest-la-Roche



The gorges of the Loire offer a wide variety of flora and fauna, a place where water meets dry land, and the Mediterranean meets the north. It is a land of sharp contrasts. Meadows, moorland, green hills, and vineyards...
The region is dotted with interesting sites:
Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice, a village de caractère perched above the gorges.
Villerest, with its dam and water-sports centre. Bully, a small marina where the boats bob up and down on their mooring rings. The Pêt de l’Ane, a viewpoint overlooking the biggest meander on the Loire. Floating on the water, the fairytale Château de la Roche takes pride of place.

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