Roanne City

There is always a good reason to visit Roanne !

For many years now, Roanne has been known all around the world as a Mecca for gastronomy. But this pretty town, nestled on the banks of the Loire, has other surprises in store for you with its historic centre reminiscent of the South of France, its delightful little port or indeed its fashion and textile business.

1. Its location

Just an hour away from Saint-Etienne, Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand, Roanne is the perfect place for a city break that is both trendy and close to nature.

2. Its gastronomy

When you say Roanne, you immediately think of Troisgros, the world famous three-star restaurant that has long been and is a leader for bountiful, gourmet food. It is carrying on an attachment to taste and produce that is shared by the town’s restaurant owners.

3. Its colours

People find its colourful facades irresistible: the reds, yellows and oranges are all colours that smack of sunshine and the south. There’s a summery feel here that is further enhanced by the presence of 100,000 bedding plants. Another surprise as you round a corner: a painted wall that seems to have come straight out of Lyon’s “traboule” passageways. A rainbowof colours!

4. Its cultural life

Things are really swinging in Roanne since the opening of entertainment venue Le Scarabée. Another must is booking a seat at Roanne’s Municipal Theatre. The show begins as soon as you set foot in the room since the interior design of the Italian-style theatre is remarkable. The dome is decorated with a mounted canvas portraying allegorical characters – a real gem!

5. Local expertise

For many years, Roanne has been committed to supporting and promoting the expertise, wealth and diversity of local artisans and craftsmen. The Joseph Déchelette Museum is the ideal place to showcase these skills: it notably houses a collection of ceramics that is well worth seeing.



Musée Joseph-Déchelette

The Joseph Déchelette Museum enables you to discover daily life in Roanne in Gallo-Roman times. Discover also the collection of ancient ceramics which is one of the finest...


Located right in the heart of the town centre, at the starting point of the Roanne to Digoin Canal, the marina is a welcoming site ideal for your river stopovers or your tourist...

Old Centre

vBy doing a tour of our town’s Historic Centre, discover the marks left by Man long before us, through the kilns of Gallo-Roman potters, the Château and its 12th century...