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What about trail biking ?

Discover the mountain-biking area of the Massif des Bois Noirs in one of Europe’s oldest forests: spread out over 3 départements (Loire, Allier and Puy de Dôme), within a radius of 25 km (15.5 miles), more than 40 trails of every level welcome MTB lovers to 1,060 km (658 miles) of route with 21 starting points in 18 towns and villages. Save the date: every year the Bois Noirs Oxygène Mountain Bike Rally takes place in this sector on the last Sunday in June. On the other side, set off to tackle the Monts du Lyonnais range with its network of 350 km of waymarked trails. So, get on your bike and watch the scenery go by at your own pace with another fun, challenging way of hiking. If you want more information, see the special topographical guides.

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Circuit de "Lafay"